Nick Regnier


I am Cledor’s founder and its hands-on md.

Cledor was conceived in 2005 to set a new benchmark for on-site staffing. I hope my story will give you an insight into what makes Cledor special. 

Studying for my degree in Tourism and Hospitality in the 1980s at one of the best Lycées of its kind in France, set me down the path of delivering exceptional customer care. I specialised in hotel management in my final year and practical work experience in high-end hotels and ‘white glove’ restaurants revealed to me just how much hard work and dedication goes into providing outstanding service.

During this time as a shy teenager with profound hearing difficulties, I began learning Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art. Often translated as ‘the way of harmonious spirit’, Aikido has shaped my career and my life. Aikido is beautiful to watch – gracious and elegant. It teaches its practitioners how to interact with others, remain calm, lucid and composed. 

The confidence that Aikido had given me led me to experience what the UK had to offer and I moved to London in 1990. I worked at elegant hotels, top restaurants and the security personnel sector. I collaborated with overseas security services and welcomed politicians such as Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ariel Sharon, Hillary Clinton and George W Bush. 

In my mind, security personnel didn’t have to be 7ft, scary-looking individuals so I set about conceiving hybrid on-site staff who were personable, welcoming, attentive, effective… yet highly trained.

Cledor created primarily to serve the residential property management sector. Concierges, porters, estate managers – our clients needed these individuals to take pride in their work, assume more responsibility and keep the residents happy (and safe). 

We set about recruiting from the Mayfair Intercontinental and Grosvenor House. The best part for the clients was that the different class of personnel – the genuinely warm smile, the helping hand – didn’t cost them any extra.

Cledor helped to create a change in mindset within residential blocks of flats. Residents were encouraged to interact with the on-site staff, much like they would do in a high-end hotel. Our concierges and porters developed relationships with other service providers in the local area, meaning they could help with directions, taxis, restaurant bookings and dry-cleaning deliveries. Then I set up the first on-site staff training academy of its kind.

Running any business can be stressful and striving to provide, consistently, the very best service for our property management clients can be challenging. I relax and escape by teaching Aikido. Martial arts training begins and ends with etiquette and our philosophy at Cledor is no different. I look forward to talking to you soon about your own on-site staffing needs.