Cledor is a leading provider of on-site staff for managing agents and landlords

experts in the residential property management sector

We are experts in the residential property management sector where our staff help you to look after the finest developments in London and the south east.

Knowing that every residential or commercial development has unique challenges, Cledor is refreshingly flexible and fit for purpose. We offer you tried-and-tested options yet remain ready to tailor our services to your unique needs.


Practical expert advice

Whether you are looking for an individual concierge or cleaner, or a unified on-site staff team for a new scheme, Cledor is here to give you practical, expert advice and provide the personnel to transform how your development is managed.

Underpinning all our personnel services is our academy training, bringing together the best of the hospitality and security sectors to block, build-to-rent and commercial property management.


Cledor provides:

Staff Management and Recruitment



Cledor Training Academy


“Cledor provides me with staff at short notice and everyone gives my residents a fantastic service!”


Staff Management and Recruitment

Cledor fully understands the challenges of the property management sector and how vital the right on-site team is to the success of each and every scheme. We take a helicopter view of your sites – brand new or fully established – and our fresh pair of eyes can help to restructure, reorganise, breathe some new life into the team that interacts with your occupiers every day.

We source, place, train and manage estate and building managers, porters, concierges, SIA licensed security, caretakers, cleaners and gardeners.


Here are our 4 most popular recruitment and staff engagement options


Option 1 is the most comprehensive of options. Cledor sources and places specific team members for your site. We welcome joint interviewing and that will ensure you find exactly what you need. And we manage every aspect of their role on your/your client’s behalf. Cledor is the employer, the manager, the trainer, the appraiser, the payroll administrator… We deal with all HR matters, roster planning/scheduling of shifts, arranging holiday and sickness cover with continuity of site-specific knowledge.

we source
We place
We employ
We pay
We manage
We train

02. Permanent Placement

Option 2 enjoys all the benefits of our first-class sourcing services, including rigorous selection and interviewing. So we find the ideal member of the team for you and we hand them over to your care and employment, including the management of their payroll. If you’re the managing agent, your client may ask your firm to be the employer or the client may wish to be the employer. Speak to us about your options here and tax implications for the service charge payers.

We source
We place
You employ*
You pay

*Managing agent or freeholder/landlord employs. There are tax implications depending on which you choose. Read more here.


03. Temporary placement

Option 3 takes advantage of our sourcing service, selecting the ideal member of staff for your site, for however short a period of time. Cledor is proud of how it readies our temp staff to work with your existing team, seamlessly fitting in as quickly as possible. Skills are matched to suit your needs. You may need a highly organised concierge for a busy front desk, welcoming residents, visitors, contractors and couriers – and managing keys, fobs, packages and more. We are familiar with the latest portals that on-site staff use and have trained our staff to be familiar with these software packages.

If the time comes to switch our temp to become a permanent member of staff, we will make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our staff
We train
We place
We manage
We pay

04. Tailored management

Option 4 puts you or your client in charge as the employer and you deal with the payroll. Essentially we do everything else allowing you to focus on running your property.

In common with option 1, Cledor sources, places, manages, trains, and deals with all HR issues.

We source
We place
We manage
We train
You Employ*
You pay

*Managing agent or freehold/landlord employs. There are tax implications depending on which you choose. Read more here.


Cledor Training Academy

Cledor’s training academy was the first of its kind in the property management industry. Primarily designed to ensure that the staff we provide our property clients are the very best they can be, our academy is now open to all on-site staff, based at any property in London and the south east.

There are three levels of academy training
1. Entry level
2. Intermediate
3. Excellence

Our founder’s background of high end hotels and general and close-protection security personnel brings to our training sessions unique experiences and fascinating stories. Role play sessions based on real life scenarios maintain focus and put the theoretical learning into practice.

Cledor brings lessons learned from the hospitality and security personnel industries into the residential and commercial property management sectors. Premium residential developments require the most polite and attentive members of on-site staff but those concierges and porters with the appropriate security training will help to prevent crime and protect the residents within.

Cledor’s training academy tackles these topics

Health & safety: identifying and recognising hazards and risks across a number of H&S areas, especially fire.

First aid: what constitutes first aid in the workplace, what should/shouldn’t be in the first aid box, who should administer first aid, dealing with a death on the premises.

CCTV: practical use of, and data protection implications.

Bomb threats: practical advice to keep occupants safe and assist the security services.

Access control: visitor protocols including data protection implications, parking control, key handling procedures.

Packages: management of courier delivered packages and other goods for occupiers.

Contractors: defining contractors, checking their credentials and permission to enter the site, differences between contractors for common areas and contractors for individual units, allows contractors are allowed to work, recognising major works that may not be subject to a licence to alter.

Emergency procedures: callouts outside of normal working hours, knowing who to call, recording and reporting emergencies.

Conflict management: understanding why conflicts arise, techniques to manage them and dealing with bullying and harassment.

Civil and criminal law: understanding the difference between them, reporting crime, dealing with trespassers, use of force, preserving evidence and more.

Communication: correct telephone manner (first impressions), out of hours communications, dealing with irate customers, reporting incidents to the emergency services, practical advice for emails and other written communication methods, mobile phone/social media policies.

Complaint handling: defining a complaint, obtaining the facts, liaising with the property manager/client, correcting a mistake, learning from every complaint.

Customer service: what good customer service looks like, understanding who is the customer, establishing the customer’s needs, putting yourself in the customer’s position, examples of bad customer service, multitasking/prioritising customers’ needs.

Going the extra mile: importance of the appearance, greeting occupants and visitors, being attentive toward the property manager’s needs, escorting contractors, being proactive, actively using the software systems provided.


“I always recommend Cledor as I find them easy to work with and very efficient.”



Cledor provides a full range of cleaning and caretaker services. For common parts cleaning and external hard surfaces sweeping and litter-picking, we can engage on your behalf temporary cleaners for a set period of time or to cover another cleaner’s absence, or provide competitively priced contract cleaners. If you wish us to source a cleaner and you employ, we can provide you with some permanent placement options.

Our cleaners wear Cledor smart uniforms, clearly displaying logo and company name. They have pride in their appearance – you should always be able to spot a Cledor cleaner on site. They carry an ID badge at all times and will present their ID to a resident when requested.

Cledor cleaners use energy efficient equipment and sustainable cleaning materials. Whilst their use is minimised, our cleaners are fully trained to use and recognise substances hazardous to health.

Our full list of cleaning and caretaking services

  • Upholstery cleaning (furniture, curtains)

  • Office cleaning, incl. computer/telephone sanitising

  • Graffiti removal

  • Window cleaning (low level)

  • Bulky item removal and disposal

  • Common parts cleaning

  • Deep clean carpet cleaning

  • Apartment end of tenancy cleaning

  • Interior hard flooring cleaning/polishing

  • Exterior jet washing of stone and wood surfaces



Cledor’s talented gardeners are available on a contract basis, usually year-long contracts to be renewed annually. Our horticultural specialists use the latest gardening tools to ensure an excellent finish when maintaining lawns, flower beds, planters and other gardening displays.

We specialise in gardening clearance, including trimming bushes, removing ivy, weeding, and generally cutting back whatever has been left to overgrow. Once the standards have been set, we are there to maintain them and ensure overgrowing doesn’t return.

Cledor provides specialist lawn treatments, tree surgery, internal plant care, and lobby flower displays.

If your client wishes us to source a gardening operative and present them for permanent placement, please speak to us about your options.

For any gardening or landscaping requirements on your sites, please call us to discuss.


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