High End New Build Residential and Retail, West Hampstead

New Build West Hampstead

Role: Concierge, security/front desk, caretaking and cleaning cover

Location: West Hampstead, London

Property: Apartments with retail

Employer: Client and Cledor

Client: Premium House Builder

At this new and prestigious site in West Hampstead, Cledor’s own staff work hand in hand with the developer’s on-site team. We provide concierge, cleaning cover and caretaker cover too. Expectations are high and the staff deliver. It helps that the Dwellant software is available to the client and on-site staff. Using the same system helps enormously for all stakeholders to communicate day to day matters and when there is a crisis.

A serious fire which started on one of the balconies meant certain residents were evacuated but desperate to get to their flat to pick up essential belongings. The client’s own team and Cledor combined to ensure all owners and residents were aware of the situation and where safe to do so, our concierge escorted residents to their flats in preparation for being given alternative accommodation. At a time of crisis, the perfect blend of proptech and personnel made the residents’ lives that little bit easier.

I would recommend Cledor who have supplied us security staff for the last 12 months. The staff are well trained by Cledor so once they had received site-specific training from our team, they were ready to serve. They have done an excellent job and are always punctual and reliable. Cledor works for us in a flexible manner which makes all the different. They provide us with cleaning staff to cover holidays and we are always impressed with Cledor staff quality, across the board.

Two members of Cledor’s team are worthy of extra praise. These two have a “can-do” attitude at all times and have built up an excellent rapport with the residents. They go beyond their duties to help the residents to feel welcome and safe.
Line Bjorhovd