Merchant Square, Paddington W2

Merchant Square photo.png

Role: concierge and cleaners

Location: Paddington, London

Property: Build to rent apartments

Employer: Cledor

Managing agent: Prime central London private sector landlord

Cledor has provided concierge services to this build to rent block of around 80 apartments since 2007. More recently, the client has added Cledor cleaning services. Surrounded by long leasehold blocks in sought-after Merchant Square in Paddington, this build to rent scheme has been managed by only two different managing agents since it was constructed.

Build to rent schemes are far more likely to be focussed on the bottom line and when the budget was cut, we worked with the client to reorganise the concierge provision and have them retrained to focus more on the customers (renters) and ensure the service was top notch. At the same time, our concierge were required to look out for subletting of the already rented apartments! The latter has been largely eradicated by Cledor, through thorough checking of legitimate renters’ documents and extra warnings given to ensure they don’t contemplate subletting.

Our concierge staff also fulfil a security role, in common with many sites. Our concierge are trained to be the eyes and ears of the site, and understand and put in practice clear protocols for just about any eventuality. There is a higher turnover of occupants in a build to rent block and Merchant Square is no exception so eagle eyes are required from our on-site team.

Cledor now provides cleaning services to the building, offering the client economies of scale in consolidating two functions. As all on-site staff are Cledor staff, there is a greater amount of continuity and a more fluid way of communicating between themselves and with the residents.

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